Anchors, Chains, & Clips

Great advancements in the area of boating technology have resulted in a myriad of thoughtfully crafted and detailed accessories to make your boating experience easier, without losing the feel of the “rugged outdoors.” There are convenient buoyant and brightly colored anchor retrieval systems that are easy-to-spot, there are uncomplicated and easy-to-operate anchor winches and virtually indestructible ropes. A handy and complete kit will serve to make installation and operation a breeze for an auxiliary control switch with pre-made cables, 3-position switch and bezel. A wireless remote kit compact key fob control allows for push-button anchor operation from any location. Don’t risk loss of your anchor with substandard rope. TRAC® Braided Saltwater Anchor Rope provides 100 feet of 5mm braided PP anchor rope. Made of 700 lb. break strength, its factory loop/SS thimble adds strength & durability. A durable stainless steel anchor shackle makes connecting the anchor effortless & prevents wear.