Soft side coolers are great for when you are on the go. For camping, vacations and tailgating, soft side coolers are a wonderful alternative to clunky hard side coolers and fit in smaller areas. These leak-proof coolers roll up into a compact size for easy packing and storage when not in use. Tote up to 24 standard cans secured with a zipper closure, and keep your items cool for hours. These well-insulated coolers are also perfect for carrying hot food items and keeping them warm and ready to eat. Even when filled to the brim, these coolers are comfortable to carry, with both handles and shoulder straps padded for your comfort. Look for your favorite color or pattern, and never worry about taking this with you in potentially damaging terrain. The shell is durable and tear-resistant, and the included warranty guarantees that you are taken care of in case of damage to the cooler.