Finding the Best Equipment for Your Outdoor Adventure

Posted by Mark on 3/7/2014 to FIshing
Whether you are a beginning camper or an experienced adventurist, procuring the right equipment can be essential to successful outdoor endeavors. There are many products and devices that have been specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and improve efficiency.

A Hunting Gear Buyer’s Guide

Posted by Mark on 2/28/2014 to Hunting
Hunting and fishing may be one of the few sports where results don’t always impact the overall outcome. Sometimes a quiet day of fishing or the thrill of trekking through the woods on a hunt is all that one needs to have an enjoyable experience. However, the thrill of the hunt or the catch can feel empty to some if they come home without something to show for it.

Electronic Devices Can Be a Hunter’s Best Companion

Posted by Mark on 2/24/2014 to Hunting
Hunting and fishing has come a long way from years past. These days, technological advances can assist even the most experienced outdoorsman.

Finding the Right Rod Holder

Posted by Melinda on 2/21/2014 to FIshing
If you want to maximize your success while fishing, there are plenty of strategies to focus on. From studying the body of water to switching your presentation, there are many things you can do to catch more fish. However, buying a high-quality rod holder is an incredibly simple, affordable way to give yourself an edge. Whether you need more rod holders or don't have any, it's important to ensure that you don't let a lack of equipment stand in the way.

Hitting the Target on Hunting Safety

Posted by Mark on 2/10/2014 to Hunting
Hunting has become a popular outdoor activity. While enjoyable, it can be dangerous, which is why it’s so important that you remain safe while exploring and hunting in the great outdoors. Firearm mishaps aren’t the only thing that you have to worry about, and one of the very best things that you can do for yourself is enroll in a hunting safety course, even if you are an avid hunter. There are other hunting safety tips that you’ll do well to keep in mind while hunting.

Understanding the Critical Importance of Outdoor Preparedness

Posted by Mark on 1/24/2014 to Hunting
Preparing for an outdoor adventure requires a lot of time and thought to make sure you have all of the necessary supplies for survival and a good time. Everyone has a different method of gathering supplies, and based on the destination, the supplies they bring may also vary.

Night Vision Equipment

Posted by Mark on 1/20/2014 to Hunting
Many people may not realize how important it is to have the right equipment in order to have proper night vision. Not only is night vision important to hunters; but certain professions require top of the line equipment in order to effectively do their jobs. Those who work as private investigators, police officers, and pretty much anything that involves being undercover each rely on high quality night vision equipment.

GPS: Not Just For Cars Anymore

Posted by Mark on 1/15/2014 to FIshing
There are new trends emerging in the world of technology. While GPS was once a massively popular fad for cars it has now expanded its reach to the outdoors. Now there are GPS functions and apps that are suited directly for the outdoors. They are designed not for use in a car but for use by hikers and runners as well as mountaineers and cyclists around the world. Anyone with an enthusiasm for the outdoors can use the simple interface to view a wide range of topographic maps.

How GPS Really Works

Posted by Mark on 1/15/2014 to FIshing
As you hunt or fish in the great outdoors, a small, handheld device tracks your every move. Unless your device runs out of charge, it is almost impossible to lose track of your position, or a game target. The science behind GPS, or Global Positioning System, involves basic triangulation to track down a location.

Top Trends in Scopes for Guns

Posted by Technical Support User on 1/11/2014 to Hunting
Right now there are several growing trends in scopes for guns. The first trend is the new VX-L concept rifle scopes. The second trend is telescopic scopes. The third trend is the new red dot sights and the last trend is taking GPS with you en route. There are new concept rifle scopes which were introduced by the premier manufacturer in the U.S. Leupold & Stevens.

How to Use Technology to Hunt and Trap Successfully

Posted by Mark on 12/20/2013 to Hunting
Many outdoorsmen have found that advances in technology provide them with many ways to keep track of game around their favorite hunting grounds, homes, cabins and trap lines. With the evolution of the camera industry, hunters and trappers are taking advantage of technical developments in videos, computers and electronics in general. Modern equipment now has the ability to store large-scale recordings, gather information at specific times and send all this information to a computer or phone. Portable units make both installation and removal quick and easy. Wi-Fi technology allows you to gather all this information without disturbing the animals or their environment.

All About Camping

Posted by Joe P. on 11/26/2013 to FIshing
When asked about camping, you’ll get a wide range of responses from, “I tried camping as a Scout and that’s where it ended for me.” or “I only make reservations,” to “I love to camp, but it requires too much time.” You will also get positive responses from an adventurous few, the few who have committed themselves to understanding the camping experience and how having the right equipment and tools will make for a smooth and convenient break from the daily grind.

Technological Advantages in the Outdoor World

Posted by Mark Shuman on 10/17/2013 to FIshing
When you enjoy spending time camping or engaging in other outdoor activities, you do not necessarily desire the latest in technology. In fact, there are an array of different types of high-tech products designed for those who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. This includes everything from entertainment devices to communication technology to other types of high-tech gear and equipment.

Features of Quality Fish Locators and GPS Devices for Hunting

Posted by Mark Shuman on 10/17/2013 to FIshing
Hunters and anglers of the 21st century have a bevy of electronic devices available to them. However, selecting the right equipment is important to maximizing your success during fishing and hunting trips. When selecting your GPS device or fish locator, examine your options carefully. Look for units that are compatible with other devices, have large LCD displays, feature generous memory, have quality, preloaded software and are built to last.

How to Plan a Good Forest Hunt

Posted by Joe P on 9/25/2013 to Hunting
Hunting is one of America's favorite pastimes, and it's easy to see why. Who wouldn't enjoy spending quality time outdoors with a close friend or family member to bond over conversation about camouflage, bait, firearms, and whitetails? The hunting experience can be like no other if one plans well for the trip. Here are some helpful planning tips for those considering embarking on a forest hunt adventure in the near future.

Hunting with a Crossbow vs. Hunting with a Gun

Posted by Mark S. on 9/12/2013
Hunting is a pastime enjoyed by many people all across the globe. In some places, hunting is a means of survival. Making a kill could be the difference between glory and disgrace or life and death, so it's very important to use the right tool for the job. Modern hunters typically arm themselves with a crossbow or a gun, but which one is the better option?

How to Keep Your Valubles Safe When Boating

Posted by Bryan on 7/30/2013 to FIshing
Water Sports, such as pleasure boating and fishing, are two of the summers most enjoyed pastimes. Whether it’s the thrill of the open sea or the tranquility of a backwater bay; the water draws seasonal sunseekers by the millions. For many, late evening cruises along a beautiful shoreline helps wash away the stress and tension of a long work day. Around each bend a new scene unfolds; scenes that could easily be at home on a postcard.

How to Prepare for Camping

Posted by Carlos on 7/29/2013
Camping is fun but can be challenging. Sleeping out in the wild away from everyday conveniences requires proper preparation if it is to be enjoyed. The first step to planning a successful camping experience is identifying a suitable camping location. Many good sites are on high demand and may require prior booking. Some are not cost free and if so, payment should be done upfront. It can be inconvenient and embarrassing to show up at a camp site and realize that there is no available space.

How to Get Started With Open Water Fishing

Posted by Joe on 7/23/2013 to FIshing
There is no better known hobby that passes the time by than by going fishing or boating out on the open waters. Fishing is one of the most common hobbies that people around the world take up, if for no other reason than to do something that is peaceful. Not all fishing activities are taken on the shore, there are people who decide to combine both boating and fishing at the same time, while out on the sea.

Night Vision Glasses at Sea

Posted by Bryan on 6/22/2013
Night vision glasses are important to have out at sea in order to see out into the waters for any danger. There are many things that can be in the waters during the day or night, and people that are sailing or boating after the sun goes down will need something to help them.

How To Pick The Perfect Crossbow

Posted by Melissa on 6/17/2013
Picking the right crossbow can be quite difficult. As in any type of purchasing decision, there are many variables and many choices. Crossbows come in a variety of types, sizes, colors, makes and models. They also can range anywhere from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. With so many choices it can be difficult to find the right crossbow.

GPS Fish Finder: Revolutionizing Fishing

Posted by Carlos on 6/12/2013 to FIshing
You've got your rod and reel, your lures and baits, your sunscreen and sunglasses. Now all you need to do is find the fish. Any experienced angler can tell you that being "on the fish" is more important than any equipment you have. Knowing where to find those Carp chasing the school of Shad, those pools of surface breaching Bass, and the deep holes where you know that monster Catfish is hiding is worth your sinkers weight in gold.